Incoming! Asteroid Could Pass Inside Earth’s Ring of Satellites

No Deep Impact expected here. But asteroid 0212 DA14 is still coming way too close for comfort

Forget 2012. February 15, 2013 is the date you need to know.

That’s when an asteroid first detected by the LaSagra observatory in Spain will pass closer to the earth than the orbits of some of our geosynchronous satellites, according to this NASA press release.

If you want an idea of how close that is, watch this simulation:

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This Fruit Is Multiracial

One of America’s favorite fruits wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for trade between two old- world continents.

The Asian wild apple

Few things are more American than apple pie. But like many ideas now considered Americana, apples did not get their start in the United States. Like much of the food we eat, they evolved in the Old World.

And just like human Americans can be Polish, German and Swedish with a smattering of eastern European ancestry, apples can trace their roots back to different parts of Europe and Asia.

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Hello world!

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